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Mountain Meitheal (MM) was formed in 2002 with the objective of maintaining and repairing tracks and trails in the Dublin/Wicklow Mountains. The first project undertaken was carrying out repairs to a section of the Wicklow Way. Over time, the reputation of the group grew and it was not long before requests to assist with the formation of branches, in other parts of the country, were received. In response to this demand Mountain Meitheal decided, in 2015, to amend its constitution to support the development of branches and Mountain Meitheal Ireland was formed as the umbrella organisation for all Mountain Meitheal branches. There are currently four MMI branches.


Dublin/Wicklow (MMDW) -

South-East (MMSE) -

West (MMW) - 

North-West (MMNW) -            .


To protect and conserve the forest and mountain environments and to work in harmony with our wilderness and unspoilt landscape is at the heart of the undertakings by MMI. To date MMI remains a 100% volunteer organisation and it achieves its aims by offering the opportunity to give something back by volunteering to work on maintaining and protecting our fragile environment in hill, mountain and wilderness areas.


Mountain Meitheal endorses the principles of Leave No Trace. It work in partnership with national and local bodies, such as Coillte, National Parks and Wildlife Services, Regional Recreation Officers (RROs), community groups and private landowners. MMI is an associate member of Mountaineering Ireland (MI).


To date Mountain Meitheal has built and repaired kilometres of trails in upland areas in the North-West, East, South-East and West of Ireland. MMI volunteers have built and repaired bridges, constructed five emergency shelters, three on the Wicklow Way, one on the Bangor Trail and one on the Western Way in County Mayo. We run training courses periodically. We are self-financing and depend on contributions from our supporters to fund our projects.


As a voluntary organisation MMI and its branches are self-financing. Mountain Meitheal relies on the generous contributions it receives from its supporters to undertake its work in the mountains environs especially to cover the cost of insurance, tools and materials. To make a contribution or to arrange fundraising please contact us through

and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.  We extend our many thanks and deep appreciation to those who so generously support us on a regular basis.


Published in 2006 'The Mountain Meitheal Handbook of Trail repair and design' (author Bill Murphy) is considered to be the yardstick of sustainable trail maintenance for Irish conditions. A second edition was published in 2011.

'Get out, get dirty and give back.'

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